Netbox cable management

--snip-- Improved Cable Trace Performance (#4900) All end-to-end cable paths are now cached using the new CablePath backend model. This allows NetBox to now immediately return the complete path originating from any endpoint directly from the database, rather than having to trace each cable recursively. It also resolves some systemic validation issues present in the original implementation. > As I have quite a bit on my plate as it is I'm not too keen on doing. #4918 - Add a REST API endpoint ( /api/status/ ) which returns NetBox's current operational status. Ability to use external authentication via a proxy (eg. Keycloak-proxy, Nginx, Apache) by setting the appropriate headers. It was already described as a possibility here but I find no documentation or anything about this topic. My personal biggest requirement has been to be able to trace DWDM connections accross circuits and patch panels. I became a NetBox maintainer for a while and worked on getting this implemented right in NetBox 2.8 and 2.9. But now 2.10 has been released, and no path trace will traverse a circuit anymore. I have no idea why it's been broken again, and to be honest I don't have the energy to go back and fix it *again*. Jeremy (NetBox "manager") just told me to file a feature request to restore the broken functionality, which is not very helpful. > My personal biggest requirement has been to be able to trace DWDM. > that's definitely the style that I want to contribute to:). We provide engineering services for over the whole lifecycle process. Additionally, custom selection field choices are now defined on the CustomField model within the admin UI, which greatly simplifies working with choice values. > management. Would people be interested in something like that? Because. Sink accessories that help you do more with less in the kitchen. Please see the documentation for instructions on installing NetBox. To upgrade NetBox, please download the latest release and run Ralph is the CMDB / Asset Management system for data center and back office hardware. If you are interested in contributing to the development of NetBox, please read our contributing guide prior to beginning any work. I've submitted this for reference as one of the two potential solutions being discussed under #7149. Netbox Turn Comfort from AH Meyer. Rotating electrification box. "password: "I>> site = Site.objects.first() >>> {'site_code': 'US-RAL01'} >>>['foo'] = 'ABC' >>> site.full_clean() >>> >>> site = Site.objects.first() >>> {'foo': 'ABC', 'site_code': 'US-RAL01'}. System theme is only followed one time after netbox-color-mode is deleted after which it will stick. When stepping through the Javascript, it reaches line 45 where the theme flashes dark then back to light: [x] "Refine search" buttons in global search results not properly spaced. Another part of NetBox is their infrastructure management or Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM). Especially the part of sites and racks are useful when it comes to Datacenter which not often visited. For example, a field engineer can, within that information, see which rack or which device can be found or mounted at their correct place. Some users have expressed a desire to support having multiple devices/VMs with the same name. Note: As part of this change, cable traces will no longer traverse circuits: A circuit termination will be considered the origin or destination of an end-to-end path. >> I was wondering: how do other NetBox users deal with this? Maintain. Get all of searching fields like: "Tags", "Role", "VLAN Group". systems every other minor release (a bit exaggerating, but not much). #5003 - CSV import now accepts slug values for choice fields. * custom fields on interfaces (which are "not required" as the. #5396 - Fix uniqueness constraint for virtual machine names. The complete documentation for NetBox can be found at Read the Docs. * more API stability so you don't have to update your consumer. Implement multi-tenancy access controls: restrict users to specific areas of interest. .