Primer Contributes to the aesthetics of your finish. These types of primers are great for giving paint a little extra sticking power and helping to make sure your paint stays adhered to the surface for many years to come. Using a coat of primer also means that you will need to use less paint, especially if you are painting your cabinets or furniture white. In the end, this saves money because primer is definitely less expensive than paint! Named Paint Brand of the Year in 2015, this primer can be used on walls or ceilings for stains and can be used on wood, drywall, plaster, brick, and more. You can stick with an oil-based primer or if you're a bit seasoned and want to experiment, high-quality latex-based primer works just as well. 2. KILZ MAX Maximum Stain and Odor Blocking Interior. For the most part, the wait time isn't anything too long. After you finish the process of applying the primer, you only have to wait 24 hours at a minimum. You need to be certain that the primer you are purchasing can be used on the surface material you will be working with. You also want to make certain that you can use oil-based or latex paints with the primer. When it comes to picking a primer, you're gonna wanna make sure that you get what's most likely to do the job without fail. The only way you'll get that is with an oil-based primer. Although KILZ is just one of many companies in the primer business, it stands out as a near progenitor in primers. Trying to paint over all of that untouched dirt and grime will only spell disaster several months later. One of the reasons why you will end up having uneven painting is a failure to have the right undercoat. Before you go for that paint, you need to first establish the best undercoat paint to match. Continue Reading. Stain coverage It can seal off odors It dries fast You can clean it up with soap and water. Their product line includes floor coatings, pool paints, spray paints, and even cleaning and prep products. Their website claims that INSL-X primers deliver the solution no matter the problem. With Benjamin Moore backing them, you can bet this primer is just as good as the one before it. The primer is meant as a base for the paint and leaving it unpainted for too long may cause it to damage or become dirty, and you may even have to apply more primer. 5. Rust-Oleum 2004 Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Primer. Rust Oleum Painter's Touch is a flat gray primer that can be used on a variety of surfaces both on the interior and exterior portions of your home. You can even use this unique sealer on lawn furniture and metal components of lawn d├ęcor in your yard. Is it better to spray or roll kitchen cabinets?. This primer is top-notch if you simply want to paint and prime all at once. No, that doesn't mean you should mix your paint and primer in the same pan. Instead, KILZ comes in again with its paint and primer in one. KILZ Restoration Primer is an effective odor and stain blocker, sealer, and water-base primer that'll work just like shellac- and oil-based products. Step 3: Prime the Cabinet Frame and Doors. Zinsser B-I-N Bonding is an excellent house-primer and stain sealer that'll effectively paint your kitchen cabinets, including spot exterior nor interior application. This is something that professionals do all the time. Rather than twisting and turning to fight for that perfect painting angle, break out the toolbox and liberate those doors. Answer: No, you should sand the clear coat to dull the surface for the primer. Primer and paint bond stonger to surfaces that have been sanded and cleaned. You will get a surface that is protected from the elements because this primer creates an excellent seal. You will also have a finished project that costs less to finish because after using this primer you will need fewer coats of your finish paint. Additionally, you shouldn't pain with this if it's surface temperature is within 5 degrees of the dew point. Although you could forgo this step in the process of priming your cabinets, sanding them is a great way to ensure that you achieve a smooth and even finish. Tags: Tags: Cabinets, DIY'ers, Green, Kitchen, Makeover, Primer, Primer Tips, Seal. If you follow our guidelines exactly, you'll be cooking again in no time. Zinsser Smart Prime. I used it to prime the old, water damaged cabinets in my pop-camper with great success. If I'm being honest, it's also my go-to primer that I recommend to people asking for what they should use to prime furniture or cabinets, basically because it's pretty fool-proof to use. It covers everything it needs to and is easy to clean up with water. Yep, I hate spam too and promise to keep your information safe. Powered by ConvertKit. Question: I stripped oak wood cabinets, sanded with 100 grit and wiped all residue until there was nothing showing on the rags. I applied Zinsser Cover Stain and once dried, there is chalking. What's caused the chalking? Or will the light sanding and recoating be okay? These primers don't necessarily hide bleed through or stop smells, though, so if you have a heavy duty job, you'll need one of the primers described in the next section.

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