Stoic crush x reader

"Sha-" Before his name could even fully slip from your lips, he had come up from underneath the covers and in one swift motion, thrusted into you. The suddenness of it all catching you off guard and making you gasp. You had swiftly lined him up at your dripping entrance and slid down, taking him in all the way.He instantly hardened once he was inside your warm cunt, letting out deep groan at the tantalising sensation. "What's wrong Shanks? Cat got your tongue?" you licked his jaw as you rolled your hips slowly, giving him a taste of his own medicine. But this did not go unnoticed by Shanks. Oh how he loved to push at your buttons. Sure you were peacefully luring yourself to a well deserved nap on the bed you two shared but Shanks had other things in mind a lot of things that involved you. Here he was right beside you and you'd rather sleep than spend some quality time with him. Asking Them If You Can Paint Their Nails. You're a little more complex than he's taken you for. Initially expecting you to have a crush for his host, he wouldn't deny being taken aback by your confession, thinking it was an elaborate prank at first. He eventually comes to realise that you're serious, upon sensing a small increase of cursed energy that rose along with the heat on your cheeks. Discomfort, he presumed, and regret for exposing your feelings just like that. bnha x reader mha x reader bnha mha masterlist katsuki bakugou x reader shoto todoroki x reader denki kaminari x reader izuku midoriya x reader eijiro x reader eijiro kirishima x reader mina ashido x reader ochaco uraraka x reader dabi x reader. even though you looked a bit intimidating to him, he'd still find you incredibly cute lots of uwus to himself. What They Do When You Ask Them To Hold Your Drink. always tries his best to break your stoic expression and make you laugh engages skinship with you a lot but if you feel uncomfortable with it, he will take it slow if he notices you look down, he will give you several pecks on your cheek to see you smile ˚₊⁎᷀ົཽ≀ˍ̮ ᷀ົཽ⁎⁺˳. What They Do When You Ask Them To Hold Your Drink. Summary: You meet Kirishima at an ice cream shop after you get stood up, and then you go to the fair together. Summary: Izuku likes both you and Uraraka, but you're always the second choice, so after removing yourself from the equation, you fall for Bakugou. But years later, Izuku wants you back. finds it cute when you stutter or play with that one strand of hair when you speak to him will motivate you to be more open sometimes accidentally mumbles a "you're pretty when you blush" or "you're really cute" when he notices you blushing a few times and then he'd blush himself. With a Crush/S/o That Is Tsuyu's TEENhood Best Friend. "She said she liked me; after giving her a bit of pressure." His thumbs freeze in their tracks. "It's nothing much. I said my thoughts, and then she's gone.". Throwing caution to the wind, you've been defying the common sentiment prevalent during ancient times, spoken through stories that worried parents told their TEENren day and night. There were all sorts of rumours about Sukuna— how he'd leave trails of blood in villages after a long night, become the cause of missing livestock, lurk in the shadows of those who travel in the dark the list goes on, and he's more than happy to acknowledge them. like are you good??? did i do something wrong?? nervous as hell Σ('') when he realised how you were literally the opposite of what he expected you to be like, he found it kinda cute will probably be a little shy with you too makes you feel at ease and wouldn't cross the line unless you are fine with it loves to cuddle with you. Yuji had utterly regretted leaving the both of you to hang out at his favourite café, and with this terrible thing to happen? He feels like the biggest fool in the universe, to have trusted this cunning being with you for thirty minutes. Expecting something good to come out of it was absolutely naïve of him; and your questionable crush on Sukuna, a curse out of the 7.5 billion human population in the world? always makes sure you are comfortable by talking to you more soulmates. He stopped talking Surprised You pulled away with a smirk "you're a dumbass" "OI WHA-" You kissed him again He doesn't fight you, arms wrapping around your waist to pull you in Your kisses are different than he'd imagined He always thought, no he never thought about kissing you shut up, would have been slow and sweet Like you But you were kissing him like your life depended on it Fast, desperate, emotional You were putting everything you had into the kiss And he couldn't help the flutter of his eyes as they closed in bliss You pulled away after a while MORE CUTE ASS LAZY SMIRKSSSSSS "I like you. And if you like me, lets date." "Like I'd let you go on not dating me." "Well even if you didn't want to, it's no biggie~ " "I'LL KICK YOUR ASS-" You learned kisses were the best way to shut him up. With a S/o That Lives With Her Older Brother and His Chaotic College Roommates. Shanks day gets turned upside down when you run way from your wedding and crashed into him on the street. Kokichi Ouma, Hajime Hinata, Nagito Komaeda, and Shuichi Saihara with S/O who is stoic on the outside but laid-back on the inside. Those like cold but secretly anxious character like this are very hit or miss omg I used to rant about that all the time when I was a TEEN please. But the more he ventured on pleasuring you, the more you were slowly being coaxed from your nap where you had been dreaming of your lover. You covered your mouth trying to stifle your wanton moans but the pumping of his fingers along with the sucking and circling of his tongue on your clit, was making it hard to do so. "Seriously though, why do you just stand here?". Could I request Kokichi getting a crush on a female S/O who is good at reading micro-expressions (AKA can tell when. 'Hung out' is used loosely. What you did was walk up to him and asked him to help you tie an apron behind your back. Prompt: I kinda used the 57."I can't stand the thought of losing you." Even though it wasn't planned. Headcanons- A bullet point list of different things that have to do with a certain idea/scenario Scenario - A certain scenario, normally written with multiple characters Oneshot - A story with a character, that's over 1000 words Drabble - A short story with a character, that's less than 1000 words. ' fic where a female reader is half the age of Shanks. Like she is 20 (or around Ace's age). And she is the daughter of Benn or Mihawk.So Shanks and reader are secretly dating but they got caught having fun (if you know what I mean) and the whole ship needs to save Shanks's neck because her father wants to kill him slowly. '. This story really picked up several years later when Doctor Simon Jordan decided to make a study of her and hoped to unlock some of her missing memories. (PLATONIC) You are small TEEN and your age is 8 years old and your mother and father love you a lot, you lived in the village with them until hell came out. Your parents gave you a necklace locket (its like philza heart style) pillagers attack your home and your family told you to run as fast you. . You are the first born of a Royal Monarchy, your title as Princess has influenced the direction of your life and still is. Being protected by Knight Bakugou Katsuki, courted to Prince Todoroki Shouto and friends with Izuku Midoriya. You were a once small Minecraft twitch streamer under the name 'BabyMoobloom'. You simply made content you enjoyed and shared that with other people. One of the skills you obtained was building, and that caught the attention of one of the most famous minecraft youtuber's. Now you are the. Author Tract: It was one of the big webcomics when those were first taking off in the aughts. Whereas in previous years the comic tended towards light humour and general satire, it later adopted a more preachy, "redfem" tone. Most people probably forgot Sinfest even existed until its creator started popping off this. The "Anti-Nazi Goggles" are used to essentially accuse the "Woke" of invoking Godwin's Law in who they go after and justifying any violence with that, which doesn't really have that much weight coming from Sinfest nowadays. Calling out extremist violence might have some weight to it if the strip itself hadn't spent the past decade narratively endorsing characters that call for and engage in extremist violence regularly, calling out demonization used to justify violence might carry some weight if the strip itself hadn't spent the past decade portraying anyone the author disagrees with as being literal agents of the Devil himself, including the "Woke" people in question being portrayed as subhuman savages akin to a Zombie Apocalypse, and the horror of this "brainwashing" might carry a bit more weight if Monique's heroic induction to the Sisterhood wasn't accomplished by having her wear the "Patriarchy Blocker" glasses, which does practically the same thing as these goggles. Personal headcanons x reader. Contains smut and smutty things, as the tags said. To see what your friends thought of this book,. When I do more characters I'll add more tags but I'm lazy so there's the tags for the characters who I've gotten the most. naruto various x reader {slow upda by Kureji Hikaru. Bigger Than Jesus: Inverted in a strip titled "Agent". Sarah Gadon plays Grace Marks in the series. Every time you lose consciousness, you wake up to find yourself in a different fandom. Oh, by the way. Those fandom characters are yandere for you. (Don't own gifs nor pictures). and Badass 'Nique. Both mess with Seymour, though. Dream and George have secret feelings for each other, but both are completely convinced the other would never feel the same. So when Dream invites George to Florida, something is bound to happen. Right? cover art is not mine! also there is a little bit of karlnap. 𝗗𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗺 & 𝗥𝗮𝗻𝗯𝗼𝗼 & 𝗺𝗮𝗹𝗲 reader ( 𝗽𝗹𝗮𝘁𝗼𝗻𝗶𝗰 ) - When M/N changed school, he didn't expect to meet another faceless streamer, let alone Ranboo. He also didn't expect to meet the well-known Dream thanks to him. And what he didn't expect the most, was becoming best friends with said two. The hokages and the Uchihas are in the form of kittens!?. "Rook! What did you do now?!" Your eyes were ripped wide open as you gaped at the sight in front of you: The Pomefiore vice dorm leader being chased around the courtyard by a large dragon. Ace and Deuce, who stood next to you, were as shocked and horrified as you were. Lilia, who had been doing his best to calm down Malleus, soon joined your little group when he realised that his efforts were futile. When Crowley had informed you of the situation, you hadn't expected things to be this bad— trees already lit up with green fire and wooden benches laying toppled over on the ground, destroyed. Rook put his hands on his hat to prevent it from sailing away with how much wind the dragon's wings were whirling up. He jumped behind a column, barely avoiding another blast of fire that Malleus threw at him in fury. "Nothing! I swear!" Rook yelled out, breathless from all the running and dodging. "I'm innocent!" "But then," Deuce asked with his eyebrows furrowed, "why is Malleus trying to kill you?" Rook let out a small sigh and rolled his eyes, jumping to the next column since Malleus was traipsing closer to him, his large claws leaving prints in the grass. Shooting you four a sheepish smile, Rook explained, "I just asked him some harmless questions—" Ace furrowed his eyebrows and slapped himself. "You did what?!" he yelled at the blond, a look of disbelief flashing across his face. "Do you have a death wish?" You, too, felt frustration bubble up inside of you at the stupidity of Rook's actions; you were aware that Malleus disliked Rook ever since that incident during PE, but you didn't think things would escalate to a point where Malleus turned into a large dragon to seriously harm Rook. So maybe Lilia had a point about always staying on Malleus' good side. Nonetheless, you dashed over to Rook, who was a dear friend to you despite his tendency for recklessness, in an attempt to get him away from the feral dragon somehow. When you entered Malleus' peripheral vision, he calmed down, and his eyes lit up in happiness as he thou. Ouran High School Host Club - All Media Types (8). [Y/n] [L/n] is the last of the [L/n] clan and the third hokage took her in as his granddaughter. Her clan was destroyed when she was 8 and her parents managed to get her. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Mystery Poetry Realistic Romance Science Fiction Short Stories Supernatural Thriller " All stories. An even worse one. Xanthe has been constantly angry at men for leering at women and judging them on basis of their attractiveness. Again, that's a fine message to send. The problem occurs when a woman starts leering at men and judging them on basis of ''their'' attractiveness. What can I say. I think Atwood is a true artist– solid writing– sharp observations– great writing. What more can I want? 5 stars and highly recommended. I'm a fan (was already, now it's official:-)). 15. 20. 30 minutes. Dream still isn't here. Sapnap looks at George, trying to hide his worry. "Maybe he got lost?" he says lamely. George shakes his head, dread continuing to pool in the pit of his stomach. They all jump violently as the phone rings, shrill and harsh. George snatche. TW there are some dark topics in this work, you have options - You can scroll away - You can avoid them since the warnings will be in the title of the chapter and read other chapters - If you're into it and that's what you're here for, amazing, great, wonderful, dig right in stranger. Netflix has recently launched the first season of a new show based on Alias Grace. It spurred me to get this book read that I had planned to read three years ago. I was wooed by other more pressing books, and what a fool I was. I don't know how I feel about watching the series. I'm as sure that it is good as I am sure that it will disappoint. I will eventually work up the courage to watch it, but I think I will luxuriate in reverence for the book for a while. Activist Fundamentalist Antics: Seymour often falls into this territory; even God dismisses him as a "loony fanboy". is about as opposite to a Badass Boast as you can get, but the sentiment makes it more awesome. Y/n walten. .a 7 year old little girl who had died in a car crash that death was horrible for her she questioned why? Why? But. .until she got transported into a universe called the dream smp little did y/n know that this new life of hers will change her. Y/n is a nobody just surviving with her and her local stray cat Ink. Until a mysterious fire guy appears in her life. Villains, hero's and blood on her hands y/n is about to show toasted guy that when your at your lowest even your morals drop off at some point. Being a foreign exchange student is hard. Being a foreign exchange student with Pro-Hero parents? Even harder. Now try doing all of that at the world famous hero school U.A. Y/N's got her work cut out for her, and the strange dreams she's been having about her classmates certainly aren't helping..