] The long rifle also was used by the Texans in their War for Independence from Mexico. [14]. The decorative arts of furniture making, painting, silver smithing, gunsmithing, etc. all took their style cues from the prevailing trends of the day, and as in most things the fashion was set in Paris. Baroque and later rococo motifs found their way into all the decorative arts, and can be seen in the acanthus leaf scroll work so common on 18th century furniture and silver. The rifle is sometimes referred to as the "Deckard / Deckhard" rifle, as descendants of Jacob Dickert used these variations, as shown by census documents, marriage and death certificates. Nearly all descendants of Jacob Dickert go by the surname "Deckard", and are mostly located in Indiana and Missouri. Barrel length 32 in., to over 48 in. The artistic beauty of the Pennsylvania longrifle is widely recognized. Its sleek, gracefully flowing lines continue to generate marvel in every circle. The goal of Gobbler Knob Longrifles is to keep alive the tradition of the Pennsylvania longrifle. Personal checks and money orders are welcome but if you wish. Distance: All + 10 miles + 25 miles + 50 miles + 100 miles. Cookies and similar technologies are used to improve your experience, to do things like:. ] to have a range of 80 to 100 yards for the average user. An experienced shooter can extend the median range of the long rifle to 200-300 yards. [16]. .455 Webley (.455 Webley Mk I,.455 Revolver,.455 Colt,.455 Colt Mk I,.476 Enfield,.476 Eley,.476/.455). Carving and engraving or inlay packages are also available at discounted prices. shipped by FedEx and accessories are shipped Priority Mail. In 1965, Wallace Gusler, as the first master of the Gunsmith shop in Colonial Williamsburg, was the first to recreate a long rifle in modern times using 18th century tools and tec. LANCASTER 450/400 3 1/4" BPE- DELUXE GRADE- SUPERB ORIG. COND.- FULLY ENGRAVED- DELUXE WOOD- ACCURATE- MADE 1884 for NAWAB of BAHAWALPUR- SCREWS. Sitting Fox offers top quality components for the Late Lancaster Rifle. The finished guns are truly things of beauty that you will be proud to own. .38 S&W (.38 Colt New Police,.38 Super Police). The trim pieces are available in brass or German silver. They consist of trigger guard and butt plate, 3 deluxe octagon to round thimbles, side plate, toe plate, nose cap and all necessary parts to complete the build. The trigger guard is large enough to accommodate double set triggers or you may choose a simple single trigger instead. Several styles of Lancaster brass or German silver patchboxes are available from $40. My love affair with the Pennsylvania longrifle has continued to grow over the years. Since very few original longrifles exist and those that do are very hard to come by, I have instead, pored over hundreds, if not thousands, of photographs. Hundreds of hours of research has been conducted. This effort has been directed to that end, which will enable me to create the most historically and artistically accurate rifle I can build. Tax records from these locales indicate the dates these gunsmiths were in business. [4]. .40 Smith & Wesson (.40 Auto, 10 x 21 mm). Effective firing range Variable, 100 yards typical, to well over 200 yards by an experienced user. The stock offered in this kit is a CM-3 curly maple stock cut in a 13/16″ or 7/8″ barrel channel and 3/8″ ram rod. You may order any style as a full build, in the white or one of our kits. These are third party technologies used for things like:. The whole idea of developing these two cartridges was to comply with the Russian legislation requirements. In Russia, one has to own a shotgun for five years until he can become eligible to purchase a rifle. To address this inconvenience, Molot and Techcrim developed the.366 TKM cartridge (7.62×39 case necked up to.366 caliber) and certified it as a smoothbore one. The guns chambered in.366 TKM have partially rifled barrels with the bore starting smooth and having roughly five inches of a rifled portion from the muzzle end. The length of the rifled portion makes these guns to be legally considered smoothbore firearms with a built-in rifled choke. The advantage for the customers is that without having to wait five years, they can buy one of these guns which are considered shotguns but provide a rifle-like performance. For the manufacturers of AK rifles, making guns chambered in.366 TKM is also quite an easy task in most cases requiring only rebarreling the 7.62x39mm AK rifles. Swamped barreled Late Lancaster stocks are also available in various grades of curly maple as well as walnut and cherry. The swamped barrel and inletting will add $150. and in the Salem area of North Carolina. [. Note the oval bore shape of the Lancaster rifled barrel. C. Lancaster Sidelock Ejector Toplever Hammerless 6.5 X 53R (.256 flanged). Robert Baker formed a partnership with his son, Caleb and on August 15, 1719 erected a gun boring mill on Pequea Creek. In the tax records of Berks County, Pennsylvania, there were several gunsmiths plying their trade along the banks of the Wyomissing Creek. [4]. Each component I use when recreating 18th Century Americana is high quality and historically accurate. I use locks from Jim Chambers, L&R, and Siler; barrels from Colerain, Getz, and Green Mountain. Because most of the visual appeal comes from the highly figured wood used in stock making, I use curly maple stock blanks with at least 70% curl throughout, most with more. .