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- Improved menu registration process to avoid missing menus on the first save load. For real this time. - Added OPTION_FLAG_WITH_UNMAP. When set for keymap options, it enables an unmap button that'll send keycode -1. - Reverted menu registration code back to 3.1 until I have more time to resolve all issues with the new method. SKYUI Error Code 1 is an error Skyrim players encounter when they have installed and are trying to launch Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE). SKSE is used for modding and is one of the extensive mod programs out there which isn't meant for the normal user. This is only true if s/he is doing a manual installation, which is not a very good way for a beginner to manage his/her mods as a general rule if s/he has more than 5 or 6 mods installed. All 4 Mod Managers that I'm aware of (NMM, Vortex, Wrye Bash and MO2) install 7z/zip/rar mod archives just fine and in fact at least 2 of them require mods to be in archives. Now open the "SKSE64_2_00_17" folder that you have just downloaded and locate the following three files and 2 folders. Solution 4: Change the location of the game folder. Using the Skyrim Mod Manager, you can install this folder using a method compatible with several popular managers like Vortex and MO2. Get an actual competent mod manager (Vortex) that doesn't disable SkyUI and never touch the game's "Mods" controls again; AND/OR. Now when i load the game and open the inventory i get "SKYUI ERROR CODE 5, incompatible menufile". Launch the game now and check if the SkyUI code 1 is still present. Download SKSE from the official website. Now open the SKSE64_2_00_04 folder further navigate into Data. Step 4: Click on Add an Exclusion > Click on " Folder ". Edited by bosmer27, 01 January 2021 - 10:55 PM. To restore it, use Steam to verify the integrity of Skyrim's game-cache. When you launch the SKSE application, it opens as the admin. Now, see the SKYUI Error Code 1 is resolved or not. Skyrim Update: Mod games made based on the old Skyrim version but when we update our current Skyrim game, old skse stopped working on the new Skyrim model. Error code 5 is a SkyUI error code. Given that you said you are unable to install SkyUI ("It can't") how is it that you are getting a SkyUI error code? Step 10: Right Click on Skyrim icon > Click Properties. With this knowledge, you shouldn't encounter any issues you cannot deal with if you are one of Skyrim's biggest fans. Click on the "Apply" button to save the changes and launch Skyrim through SKSE again to check if the skyui error code 1 special edition has been rectified. Apart from using the Mod Manager, you can also install the SKSE manually. To install the Skyrim Script Extender manually, you need to execute the below guidelines. It's happening because the game's "Mods" tab disables SkyUI- that's why it is un-asterisked in plugins.txt. You can fix it manually all you want, but every time you use the game's "Mods" controls it will re-disable SkyUI. It must always be updated to the latest version through the Stream App. Fix 2. Allow Skyrim Through Firewall and Antivirus Protection. Step 5: Now select the Skyrim folder here for whitelisting it. Step 6: Launch Skyrim to check if SKSE64 is working or not. If the problem still exist move to next method. Make sure that "SKSE" and "SKUI" are installed on your computer. If you need help, please leave a comment on our Nexus page instead of contacting me directly. So view the contents of the SkyUI archive you are using, locate each file at its install location and remove it. Create a "Game" folder in your "C directory" and move the "Skyrim" folder from the Steam folder into this newly created folder. Contributors: ianpatt, behippo, Kratos, psychosteve, MisterPete, GreatClone, gibbed, PurpleLunchBox, Verteiron, Gopher, Indie.