MQ2 box NHW, PKG, PKH (5 speed) G052 512 A2 = 75W fully synthetic considered by VW to be a lifetime fill. item 1 ONE LITRE BOTTLE OF GENUINE VW AUDI MANUAL DSG GEARBOX TRANSMISSION OIL FLUID 1 - ONE LITRE BOTTLE OF GENUINE VW AUDI MANUAL DSG GEARBOX TRANSMISSION OIL FLUID. RAVENOL special transmission fluid is special development for special gear and can not be selected on the basis of technical parameters (viscosity, etc.). Therefore the decision was made not to give technical data. Please note: RAVENOL special transmission fluid is exclusively to apply under the original number, as indicated in the product information. Not sure of the correct transmission fluid, you can ask your garage or the car dealer with respect to the original OEM gear type and number or consult our advisers. It must be specified the VIN code (Vehicle Identification Number) of your vehicle. Misapplication of RAVENOL special transmission fluid can lead to malfunction of the transmission shifting problems, increased fuel consumption, unwanted slip behavior, etc. cause and cause the failure of the transmission. Ravensberger Schmierstoffvertrieb GmbH does not liable for transmission failures in case of wrong selection of RAVENOL special transmission fluid. Opie Oils Limited (all other content, including but not limited to lubricant advice & recommendations). I go by actual viscosity units @ 40C and MT90 is a thick old beast, there's plenty of evidence it's not agreeable till warmed up and it has drastically thinned, even in warm climbs such as the US. Please turn JavaScript on and reload the page. Velg et annet land eller region for å se innhold som gjelder der. TecAlliance (who provide their TecDoc vehicle list and TecDoc data for matching of parts to vehicles). 5.0 out of 5 stars based on 9 product ratings. Fast forward a few years, another coworker, who had a 1987 BMW 325e, wanted to change the gearbox oil (Getrag 5sp), and could no longer read the tag on the side as to which fluid it used (BMW could have used one of three different types). So he too opted to put some VAG spec stuff in at my recommendation. While he had no specific problems or complaints prior, he was just doing this for PM (he had recently purchased the car), he said the next day he was shocked how much better the transmission behaved. I still work with him, he still has the 3-series, and that lube is STILL in there! 246909 fps/FE75W5L-1.jpg 1 46.66 0.00 0.01 20 Sale Price 1 0. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Motul 105777 Gear 300 75W-90 Fully Synthetic Transmission Oil - 1 Litre. Current slide {CURRENT_SLIDE} of {TOTAL_SLIDES}- Best-selling in Transmission Fluids. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. Choisissez un pays ou une région pour afficher le contenu spécifique à votre emplacement géographique. G052 527 A2 is normally used in the high performance models that require/need more protection, some people I believe have gone from G052 171 A2 and upgraded to G052 527 A2 as it's given them better smooth gear changes from cold temperatures. Also I think G052 512 A2 was used up until roughly late 2013 in some gearboxes, but was upgraded by VW from late 2013 onwards to G052 527 A2 due to it being a better oil at both low & high temperatures. Scegli il Paese o territorio in cui sei per vedere i contenuti locali. *********************** MQ25 box NBJ, NBH, PTW, QBN (6 speed). Please stand by, while we are checking your browser. Volvo spec'd ATF for gear lube in the old M46 overdrive boxes too. I don't remember if the overdrive shared lube with the gearbox, but the electro-hydraulic OD magic might explain it. A lot of guys up here run ATF as hydraulic oil in snow plows, wood splitters and such. I tried about every oil made in those M46 boxes. They all worked well in warm weather, but the 50 weight motor oil was like Vaseline in cold weather. item 3 VW Golf MK4 MK5 R32 3x 1L Gearbox Oil Transmission Oil Genuine New OEM VW Parts 3 - VW Golf MK4 MK5 R32 3x 1L Gearbox Oil Transmission Oil Genuine New OEM VW Parts. September 2017– Their area of use is completely different, yet gearbox and motor oils still have things in common: they are becoming ever more viscous and they have to be even higher performing. The two new performers in the gearbox oil range by German oil expert LIQUI MOLY are TOP TEC MTF 5200 75W-80 and TOP TEC MTF 5100 75W. Additives are gaining greater and greater importance for motor oils. This development is similar in gearbox oils. The new MTF oils, which stands for Manual Transmission Fluid, are high-performance lubricants with minimal viscosity. The thinner the oils, the less the wear losses and fuel consumption. "Classic gearbox oils are disused here," says Oliver Kuhn, deputy head of the LIQUI MOLY oil laboratory. Furthermore, classic transmission and axle gearbox oils are set out too differently, as they are separated from one another in construction and have to complete their tasks under completely different conditions. It went from G-052-171-A2 which is a 70w75 to the G-052-527-A2 which is a 75w80. So bucking a trend, they actually went thicker which leads me to believe maybe they learned something? The newer stuff is also listed as "high performance gear oil" in ETKA, the older stuff is not. Guest time is running out to book for our annual meet next month at Silverstone - we've got some freebies and big discounts for attendees find out more and how to book. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. Please turn JavaScript on and reload the page. Crasher is right I've just had a quick look in ElsaWin. I only have the Passat 2.0 TDI with DSG but on mine it shows Tool 3357 which is a Torx as there is 2 types of drain plug Torx and Hex. After full explanation from @SEAT Rule post can be closed. If you're unsure if Volkswagen TL 726 is correct for your application, or have a modified or unique Volkswagen Vehicle why not ask the Opie Experts for a Custom Gear Oil recommendation.

G 052 527 a2 equivalent.
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